Together. For a future that matters.

Steel is our backbone, our DNA. It’s what we do best to contribute in shaping a sustainable future. And so we are teaming up – with each other, with customers and suppliers. Together we are designing ever better steel solutions with highest quality and profound passion. Our expertise makes us an experienced ally. In consulting, development, production and services.


With passion, expertise and a pioneering spirit, we strive towards the optimum. We are passionate about progress. We are forward-looking, open and fair. We encourage and challenge, internally and externally. We are active, service- and solutionoriented specialists with innovative drive.


Thanks to our experience and our understanding of needs, we convince along the entire value chain. We reliably form optimal solutions in dialogue. That is our strength. Our knowledge and our precision are the foundation for efficient advancement.


People are at the heart of our actions. Mutual respect and open communication distinguish us as a strong partner. We anticipate the challenges of our customers. Together we create the economically and ecologically sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

International Swissness

Our new name and the logo embody our qualities as a company listed in Switzerland. The symbol not only incorporates the abbreviation for Swiss Steel, but also stands for our commitment to quality, strong customer centricity and international focus that characterize Swiss firms worldwide. Typical Swissness!

Tradition in transformation

Nothing is as constant as change. The origins of today’s Swiss Steel Group can be traced back to the foundation of all its Business Units. Together, following the merger of Swiss Steel and Steeltec in January 2021, the manufacturing units – still totaling five in number – and the global distribution network represent an experienced ally for our customers.

Production in specialized niches

Molten steel glows bright yellow-orange. The colors in our logo stand for our core competence: the in-depth knowledge embodied in our experts and engineers in the field of metallurgy and technology. Our focus is on special long steel in the form of bars and wire with specific material properties. Our clear niche focus sets us apart from the mass market.

Recycling in an eternal cycle

Our business model is based on sustainability. The 100% recyclability of steel and our production processes are testament to this: In our electric arc furnaces we melt exclusively scrap, refine alloy elements based on their area of application, and thus establish a perfect circular economy.